Sketchnotes are Fantastic

Austin Kleon‘s recommended reading list in his book Steal Like an Artist continues to yield real gems.  Lynda Barry’s What It Is is the first from Austin’s list that I read and I loved it.  Sketchnotes by Mike Rohde is next on the list.

Here’s my sketchnote of what resonates with me from Mike’s book (plain English to follow:):

Sketchnote of what resonates with me from Mike Rohde's book Sketchnotes
Sketchnote of what resonates with me from Mike Rohde’s book Sketchnotes

I have taken notebooks full of notes but I can’t stand to read them. Mike felt handwritten notes fell short also. I needed a different way to do it and have struggled for some time to find something I’m comfortable with. I take notes so that I can learn better what I’m hearing by engaging in the subject kinesthetically. Rohde points out that taking notes as pictures and words takes advantage of something called dual coding.  We get the verbal by writing the words.  We get even more by making visuals. I tried it out and I love it!

If you ask most adults to draw they panic. Mike defangs drawing by focusing on 5 basic shapes: square, circle, triangle, line, and dot.  Mike shares a technique that a friend taught him of drawing different facial expressions easily and simply to prove that drawings don’t have to be “art”.

Sketchnoting makes everything more interesting!

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    • Thanks for letting me know about Carla’s blog Rommel. found out about the sketch book project from there. Looks fun! I’m too late for the current projects but maybe the next one! Thanks again for putting me in touch! Jennifer


      • Hi Jennifer! Just last night my husband and I were talking about the next phase on organizing a book I started with the sketchbook project , which I missed the deadline on,> This being a blessing in disguise because I’m into a more substancial book project now. I was going to buy a notebook and make notes on how this book is going to grow. I think sketch notes is a good idea. I write half written notes that late I have no idea what they mean but I can read my drawings. Thanks, And nice to meet you 🙂 Carla


      • Hi Carla, using sketchnotes to plan out your book looks like a great idea! Much more fun for you to look at than regular notes no doubt. I love making books and hearing about book making projects. Sounds like your partial sketchbook project got you to a better place. Looking forward to how your book project is going! Nice to meet you too and thanks for stopping by!


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