This is me - Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson
A This is me – Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

Hello there and thank you for checking out my About page.

I photograph and write about serendipitous moments of discovery, delight, wonder and worship. A photograph or a blog post remind me of that moment and allow me to share it with you as well as remember it myself.

At first, I wrote mostly about photography. I’ve been photographing since the days of the Kodak Disc Camera. Later I learned to use film, developer, fixer and fiber paper then switched to various digital cameras and smart phones and then added film again. To learn a little more about this journey read my first post.

Then I began to use photographs to share moments of delight, discovery, wonder and awe with you my reader. A good example of this kind of exploration is Dinner at Castagna.

I also write about my explorations of successful business models for artists including places to Sell Your Work Online, Monetizing Mobile Photography: Some Assembly Required and Portrait of the Artist in Red Ink. 

The practice of photography teaches me about life. Some examples of these discoveries are From Ill-Matched Threads to a Single Cloth and Imperfect and Enough with Brené Brown and Oprah. 

You’ll find a number of other subjects here as I share serendipitous moments of discovery, delight, wonder and worship. If you enjoy what you read or see here, please add your voice to the conversation in Comments or support my work by visiting my portfolio page on Red Bubble, a print-on-demand service.

Thank  you for visiting with me.

Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson




  1. It has been years, Jennifer, since you stayed with us. I had not been on the Flickr for over a year and may twice in the past 3. From the little I have read so far, wow!. Ginny remembered a time a Knotts Berry Farm when we spent the day with you there. Anyway, it would be great to be brought up to date about you.

    • Hi Lance and Ginny! So great to hear from you. Yes, I have very fond memories of when Ginny took me to Knots Berry Farm, especially Pirates of the Caribbean:). And very fond memories of the time staying with you two, and great memories of Pace, and, and, and. I would love to catch up with you and will shoot you a quick e-mail to find out what’s best. Thanks for reaching back from my Flickr ping! Jennifer

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