Books / 2D


I have created over 20 books. Some are handmade and some are manufactured by partners such as Blurb, Shutterfly and Artifact Uprising. I love the process of creating a cohesive story and flow using images and minimal text. You can find a selection of books for sale on Blurb.


My entree into drawing came through the practice of sketchnotes, a term popularized by Mike Rohde, Eva Lotta-Lam, Brandi Agerbeck and other visual note takers. I also ventured into patterned drawings called Zentangles. The process of creating a calming and engaging balance among contrasting pieces is the fun of it all.


My fascination with drawing faces started a long time ago. It resurfaces periodically. Quite often I draw waiting to see who turns up rather than start with a real life person.


Photography is my love since a child. I love the amazing glimpses that put me in awe and grateful to be alive.