Mock it Up

When you want to be a little more sure of how the artwork will fit into the space, doing a mockup is an inexpensive and easy way to gain a greater peace of mind. It can be something cheap and cheerful that’s just enough or it can be more fully realized. Here are 2 examples that were done to address specific questions.

Mockup 1

Question: Will the table fit in the dining room?

For this one, I knew it would be easy to scale and arrange in PowerPoint or an equivalent software drawing or presentation package. With all the relevant dimensions in-hand, I made scaled shapes as stand-ins for each item. As I added shapes, I discovered questions about the space itself. Does the 14′ x 16′ dining room dimension include the stairway or not? And about the adjoining spaces. Will the 36″ walkway be through the entire ground floor or just in this space?

Powerpoint drawing to scale of the dining room, the dining table, the dining table leaf, the walkway and the stairway.
Mockup of dining table in dining room (JHH)

Mockup 2

Question: Will that mural feel overwhelming in the master bedroom?

For this one I used Photoshop. I started with a photo of the master bedroom wall where the mural is planned to go. Then I found a photo of the intended mural on-line, added that to the Photoshop file and scaled it to the room. Then I found a straight on view of a random white bed, added that, scaled it and removed the background. Lastly, I removed what remained of the painter’s ladder on the floor. While the image isn’t magazine ready, it gives a quick idea of how the image will read in the space. And that’s enough.

Wall sized mural of a closeup of a chrysanthemum behind the headboard of the bed. What is normally small is made huge.
Mockup of Mural in Bedroom (JHH)