Add Tonal Contrast

Dark chocolate is luscious particularly when contrasted with a similarly dark gray.

Framed chocolate brown Van Dyke prints hang above a medium gray sofa flanked by gold bird lamps
Framed Van Dyke Prints in Context

The gold lamp base makes a triple play with black, gray and chocolate. The black of the lamp shade anchors the ensemble.

The Work

These images are Van Dyke prints. Van Dyke is an alternative photographic process from the 1840s. I used hand mixed and hand coated emulsion on Arches watercolor paper. The negatives are actually positives that I made by enlarging a 35mm negative onto a 16″ x 20″ sheet of lithography film. I laid the lith film positive on top of the watercolor paper and exposed it under a UV light bed similar to a tanning bed, but smaller. The resulting image is larger than life.