Activate a Hallway

Hallways are a great place to hang photos. In this case, the client’s hallway is visible from the bedroom so the photos also provide visual interest from there as well. Here is the view from the bedroom.

The view of the 3 black and white photographs in the hallway from the bedroom
Moving Through a Hallway

And below is the view from the hallway. The photos are hung high so that people sitting on the bench will not bang their heads on the frames. There’s plenty of white space around to provide maximum punch.

Black framed black and white photos on a white wall above a modern bench with a dovetail plank seat and white metal legs
Alternate View of Hallway

The Work

I made these photos in Paris using a Holga, a plastic medium format camera, and 120 roll film. I used electrical tape to prevent light leaks. The images are printed in the darkroom on photo paper and framed 20″ x 20″.