Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Ever heard of “runtography”? It’s a term I coined for “photographing while running.” It sounds better than “photoning” doesn’t it?

When you’re out for a jog you get to see a lot of extraordinary things that you miss from the car or at home.  But, you have to stop…to take a photo. Stopping or pausing is a real challenge for many runners because it’s easy to get obsessed with goals and training agendas and stopping slows you down. Thankfully, the iPhone or any other phone camera makes stopping easy and relatively fast.

Here are “runtographs”….okay….photographs of 4 green things that struck me while out on a loop around the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon.  Yes, my time was slower but I felt encouraged anyway. I used Snapseed, FrontView and Impressions to edit these iPhone photos. Do you “runtograph?” What’s your favorite mode of locomotion when you are photographing?

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All images and writing by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2012


    • Hi Aaron, loved your runtopics on instacanv.as and even recognized some of the images from the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve out in Montara. Love the fact that you’ve even titled your page “runtography”. Have you tried HDR3? It takes 3 images rather than 2 as in ProHDR and so gets more detail. I have switched to it as my go to HDR app. Happy trails! Jennifer


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