Making the Jasika Blazer: Fitting 3

If you’re having to work at making a garment fit, don’t give up. It can be hard. Just keep at it and you’ll develop perseverance. In the last post, I adjusted + 3/8″ at the upper back and -3/8″ at the lower back. I thought I had it nailed but it wasn’t good enough. It turns out that while the 3/8″ adjustment worked on my dress form, I needed closer to 1″ on my body.

Extra ease needed at the shoulder on the dress form
Extra ease is needed at the shoulder on my body

When the scan for the Beatrice Dress Form is taken, the position you have to assume is like a gingerbread man cookie. And you have to hold it for a while. This position changes the shape of the upper back.

Here’s what those adjustments look like in the pattern pieces.

Rounded Back Adjustment on Pattern Piece
Sway Back Adjustment on Pattern Piece

Now on to the making part! First, cutting out pattern pieces:

A pile of fabric cut out using pattern pieces