Fall Fabric Game Changer

StyleMaker Fabrics’ “Autumn Elevated” live fall fabric review of over 80 fabrics last week was a game changer.

In a Zoom call, Michelle of SMF shared details about each fabric including material content, colorways, and the patterns it would be ideal for. Meanwhile, each participant across the US and Canada could look at the same fabric because we all received a color-graded stack of the fabric in advance.

Color-graded stack of fabric

While Michelle was talking, we could feel the material and color match it with other fall fabrics.

From our chairs, we could compare all the Ponte knits of various weights.

Ponte Knits in bottom and top weights

We could see what fabrics in the same color range went together:

Fabrics in the same color range

I attended this event because a friend encouraged me to. I’m so glad I did. It was perfect timing. I just finished Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe where I decided on a set of garments to make. And I knew wanted all my makes to go together. The fall fabric review gave me fresh ideas about what material to make them from.

As a result, I now have selected four color and weight-coordinated fabrics that I would like to make into pants and tops. The pants will likely be the Lander and Sasha pants. The top patterns are tbd.

This investment in time and money was so very worth it! Can’t wait to sew!

If you missed it don’t worry! Lindsey at @insidethehem made an “Elevated Autumn” swatch video. I’m going to watch that one too!