5 Must Have Sewing Apps: No 5

There is another app, similar to iSewMe, yet different, that also helps organize sewing projects. It’s called Sew Organized.

Sew Organized, v4.0, by Danielle Pientka, also recognizes the interdependence of the fabric, pattern and person. Sew Organized is for you if you:

  • have more than one sewing project going at one time
  • want to see the measurements of the person you are sewing for, the fabric you plan to use and the pattern you will use in one place
  • want to see consult your fabric and pattern stash info while in a store


iSewMe hamburger menu showing inspirations, projects, fabrics, patterns, measurements, shopping list, settings and more.

Let’s go on a tour of the app’s features.

The hamburger menu on the top left of the home screen reveals a full selection including inspirations, projects, fabrics, patterns, measurements, shopping list and settings.

Inspirations leads to sponsored project ideas that you can read and favorite if you’d like.

Projects allows you to add a project including a photo, name, supplies needed, measurements, references (like links to tutorials on the interweb), costs, due date and a toggle button for complete.


Moonrise fabric photo in the app along with name of fabric, Moonrise, and fabric content, Rayon

Fabrics allows you to add a fabric including photo, name, (material) content, size, width, care (instructions), price, price paid, intended project and purchased from allows you to add a fabric including photo, name, (material) content, size, width, care (instructions), price, price paid, intended project and purchased from.

Most fields include a drop down menu with the choices not applicable, add new and clear saved options. For fabric, you can add new – “cotton” or “100% cotton” and it will appear in the drop down menu for that field as a choice.

Inari Tee Dress Pattern image in the app along with the name of the company that made it, Named Clothing

Patterns allows you to add a pattern including a photo of the pattern, name, company, type (an undefined field), sizes included, a photo of the size chart, a photo of the fabric required from the pattern envelope, typical size made, fabric info (undefined field), and notes.

Measurements allows you to enter name, height, chest/bust, waist, hips, inseam, other.

Shopping list allows you to type in items to shop for.

Business Model

Sew Organized is free. Subscribe for $.99 per month to remove the ad banner and to upgrade the amount of photo storage to 1GB, enough for 10,000 photos according to the developers website. If you subscribe and then later cancel, the amount of your photo storage reverts to the amount under the free plan. This amount isn’t listed on the website or in the app store.

Pros & Cons

Below are the pros and cons I found by using iSewMe and by comparing the app to Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design. The heuristic rule appears in (parenthesis) after the observation.


  • The ability to set due dates can help clear through UFO’s or unfinished projects
  • Icons are simple and easy to see and familiar to the user (match between system and real-world)
  • The visual design is minimal (aesthetic and minimalist design)
  • You can add the categories that you want to for most things (user control and freedom)
  • Each pattern entry includes a photo from the pattern front, the size chart and the recommended fabric information from the pattern. (match between system and real-world)


  • No ability to select a fabric that I already entered and assign it to a project. I have to re-enter any fabric information. Same for measurements and any pattern information (flexibility and efficiency of use)
  • If you misspell an option that you add to the drop-down menu, you cannot edit that option. You have to clear ALL the options you’ve added and re-enter. (error prevention, help users recover from errors)
  • No united view of pattern, fabric, measurement, and project (flexibility and efficiency of use)
  • The hamburger menu requires one more keystroke to access than a bottom menu would (flexibility and efficiency of use)
  • Terms like “type” are not defined (consistency and standards)


Like iSewMe, Sew Organized helps put fabric and pattern stash and people measurements all in one place and gives you a way to think through your projects. Both apps are ground breaking and give you an idea of how challenging it is to represent all the organizational and creative effort that goes into making something.

All of the apps so far have been created by independent developers and designers. The big sewing machine companies are the most likely to benefit by taking these concepts further.

What’s Next

While I’ve been researching sewing apps, I’ve found a couple more that have been useful for certain niche problems. I’ll share those with you in a short post. And it seems likely that a summary view of the 5 apps that I’ve reviewed would be helpful. So I’ll do that too.

But for the next few days, I have been missing sewing while I’ve been writing these app reviews so I’m going to get back to that. See you soon!