Warm up a Cold Office

Recently a client approached me wanting to install some of my photographs in his new office at his new company. He had some ideas about what he was after so I prepared a slate of images for him to review. We talked mostly about which images he liked, what sizes would fit best in his new place, and how to arrange them on the three available walls in a way that would bring him the most joy.

Studies have shown that if you decorate whatever space you have as an office, even if the decorations are portable and temporary, that you are happier and more likely to stay.

Over the course of a month we brought in the selected photographs and hung them, progressively bringing a new feeling to the formerly bare walls.

4 photographs printed on metal hang above a client's office desk

About the work: Photographs of gorgeous iron work in Northern Italy taken with an iPhone with the app Hipstamatic. I worked with a printer to enlarge it to 24″ x 24″ and mount it on steel.

And on a different wall:

2 Black and White photographs hang on another wall
Organic and Geometric

The Work

I took the image on the left working with 2 models, developed the film and printed it in a darkroom. I took the image on the left by waiting for the right moment, developed the film and printed it in the darkroom.

And behind the door a surprise awaits, the lovely blues from Canal San Martin in Paris, France.

A color photograph hangs behind the office door
Behind the Door

The Work

This image is from a much earlier trip to France and was taken with one of my first digital cameras.