Three years ago I fell in love with a form of intricate pattern drawing called Zentangles. Since then I’ve drawn over 40 works, some as large as 3′ x 4′. This one, Emerge, is 3.5″ x 3.5″ on an ecru Zentangle tile.

Zentangle Emerge LoRes
Emerge, Zentangle by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson © 2014

The central figure is a woman and she is emerging from behind a patterned curtain dressed in even more patterns. Her solid form covers up the regular marks on the wall behind her giving us a sense of depth and the feeling that she occupies space.

The patterns represent the expectations of others and of self from which she is becoming free. For now, only her head and shoulders are without marks. But soon, an arm and a leg will become solid as well. Thanks for reading!

Post edit 9/17/17: Emerge is spoken for and going to a good home tomorrow so I’ve removed the Purchase Now button that used to be below.