My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry

Britt-Marie was here too. But this story by Frederick Backman is about Elsa. A seven almost eight-year-old and her Granny who tells fairy tales about the land of Miamas and its seven kingdoms. Granny sends Elsa on a treasure hunt where she finds a series of letters. Each letter delivers an apology to the recipients, all of whom live in the same building as Granny did and Elsa does.

Elsa learns that each fairytale and kingdom are based in real life. And the most interesting fairytale and kingdom are yet to be made.

Backman tenderly unwraps each character. People who look like monsters turn out not to be and some who look normal turn out to be monsters. And according to Granny, each person is a combination of a “shit and a not-shit.” It’s the proportions and forgiveness that matter.

P.S. Britt-Marie’s backstory is in this book. It was written before Britt-Marie Was Here

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