When Things Change

For a few weeks in the fall my running schedule and shorter days made it possible to see some glorious sunrises:

Glorious Dawn by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2014
Glorious Dawn by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2014

The colors were amazing and I was stunned into stopping, filled with awe.

Not all days have been so vividly colorful. Daylight savings meant getting up later in the sun’s path through the day. But the weather also changed to foggy so even if I had gotten up earlier, there would have been no visible sunrise.  Shades of gray became the main color.

Shades of Gray Dawn by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2014
Shades of Gray Dawn by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2014

Rather than rush out to a great spot in time to view the sunrise, I felt both disappointed and suspended in time, going nowhere in the dense fog. But after a while, I realized the gray morning was arresting in a different way. Textures and shapes became the focus.

These two photos remind me of changes in life. The colorful vision we have looked for (in a job, relationship, city, fill in the blank) and even had before may have changed. But there’s something beautiful in the foggy gray places if we look. That insight can redeem an experience for us.

Notice what is there in the “fog” and it might become beautiful.


    • Thanks KC! Reminds me of Ps 19:1: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Even gray ones. You use quotes so well in your work. This one seems to fit: God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. Have a great day. Martin Luther

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