iPhoneography Workflow Part 3: Connecting Social Media

After (or before) transferring your photo from your device to your computer,  the next thing is to get your work out there for the world to see!

iPhoneography Part 3: Social Media
iPhoneography Part 3: Social Media

At this point workflows can easily be parallel: 1. from your devices to your computer for cataloging or more editing and then on to social media 2. from your devices to social media and to your computer for cataloging   Sounds a bit the same doesn’t it? But regardless of what machine you’re posting from, the goal is to create a continuous flow.

CONTINUOUS FLOW: Link upstream content (published first in time) with downstream content (published later in time) and visa versa for a continuous flow.

LINK DOWNSTREAM: Post your photo to Instagram etc/Flickr/SmugMug (first, upstream) then insert a link to the image in your blog post (second, downstream) to make the image show up in your blog entry. Once you write your blog entry, you then promote that post out for the world to see through Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

NOTE: INSTAGRAM ALTERNATIVES– IG’s proposed change to the TOS has many community members up in arms.  Several alternatives to IG have come to light in the discussions either on Twitter or IG: Starmatic, iPhoneArt, and EyeEm.

LINK UPSTREAM: If you have made a downstream product such as a blog entry from the image, go back to the  original image posting place on Instagram etc/Flickr/SmugMug and put a link there to your blog entry.

If you were to sequence it, it flows like this: Post image to Instagram etc/Flickr/SmugMug–> Link to image from blog–> promote blog entry and/or original image post on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn–>  add a link to the blog post from the original image post.

It’s like tying shoe strings.  The image and all the references to the image tie together both going forwards downstream (first bow) and backwards upstream (second bow). Another way to say it is that water (ignoring gravity for a moment) flows back and forth between the image and places that use the image. It takes some getting used to as well as some attention to detail but after a while it’s second nature.

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