What Does Your Workflow Look Like?

“Absolutely unbelievable!” my friend exclaimed.  I was explaining about workflows and drew this monster:

Workflows Drawing by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

Workflows Drawing by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

Does your workflow look like this? Want to walk through step by step and show alternatives for improvement and remaining areas of “opportunity”? That’s what I aim to do here over the next 2 weeks. Interspersed with a few Weekly Photo Challenges, here’s what’s next on this topic:

Note: Despite the recent furor over the term “iPhoneography” I plan to keep using it for now until something better comes out.  “Cell phone photography” and “smart phone photography” don’t sound quite right.  I mean it to include Android phones as well but, as you might expect, I only have one system rather than both.  Feel free to chime in with the Android view as well.  Thanks, Jennifer


  1. Hello Jennifer,
    I love your graphic representation of your information architecture: It says it all.
    You are the right person to moderate this discussion, given your background in supply chain best practices, and I hope that your post sparks an extensive discussion of approaches to streamline the complex workflow portrayed above.


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