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A Zentangled Journey

Checking out the social streams of my amazing classmates in Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection 6 week e-course, i found some impressive drawings by @artbreaking on Instagram.

A little later that same day, lingering at Michael’s a nudge too long, Kass Hall’s book Zentangle Untangled leapt out at me from the rack. It was similar to @artbreaking’s work in spirit. Three oscillations later I decide. I buy it. I read it all in one sitting that night. The next day I try it out.  My first zentangle:

The Wise: GateKeeper & Guide by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

The Wise Owl: GateKeeper & Guide by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson

Cabin Floor is the name of this receding pattern. Next I tried combining a zentangle with a stamp using the pattern Five-Oh created by none other than Kass Hall:

Dive In © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

Dive In © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

Then, the App Whisperer, Joanne Carter published an interview of Davide Capponi, I discovered through his work a vector drawing app called DecoSketch. (He uses the app to great effect. His blog, Rubicorno, is fantastic.) So I tried the it out:

Solar Plexus © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

Solar Plexus © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

DecoSketch comes with a number of “brushes” which draw pre-set patterns similar to the idea of pre-set patterns in Zentangles. In the above image, I followed the feeling of play. DecoSketch draws on a clean canvas or on an imported photo or image. Naturally, my next step was to try the app on an image.

Force Fields © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

Force Fields © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

I edited this image first in Snapseed, then in PhotoCopier before working on it in DecoSketch. I experimented with many patterns to find a pattern, placement, size, and directionality that I hope actually adds meaning to the photograph. Here’s the image before I added the patterns.

Force Field © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

Force Field © Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson 2013

This tangled free-form journey pattern that started with Brené Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection’s e-course and ends, temporarily, at DecoSketch is simply amazing to me.  Following the wish to learn, grow and “play” set the lines of the pattern that I moved along.

What sets your pattern?

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I Am in the Show! Mobile Photography Awards 2012

A Facebook post by Teri Lou Danzler, iphoneographer and mobile photography instructor, alerted me to the news! I collected 3 Honorable Mentions in 2 categories in the The Mobile Photography Awards 2013!

The MPA is the world’s largest open gallery call and competition for mobile photography and art with thousands of submissions from over 40 countries. Daniel Berman (@Reservoir_Dan), fine art photographer, film maker and digital artist, founded the MPA to “promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile or cell phone photography and art.”

Two of my images garnered Honorable Mention in the Transportation category.  Joanne Carter, founder of The App Whisperer, was the lead judge in this category.  According to the jurying process two more judges joined for the last selection.

One more of my images earned an Honorable Mention in the Architecture category.  Marty Yawnick of Life in LoFi was the lead judge for this category.  Additional judges joined for the final selection.

Jurying is a long and arduous process so thanks to Marty and Joanne and all the other jurors for all their work! And many thanks to Daniel Berman for organizing the event.

The MPA première is at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in NYC from February 22 to 28, 2013 and includes the Honorable Mentions!