Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & circumstance and ceremony emphasize presentation.  When presentation and function amplify one another, you’ve got design. When presentation and function are independent, or one is more important than the other, you’ve got something else.


Planning the New Year, Again


I don’t know about you but planning for the new year, any new year, seems like an exercise in frustration. But so does NOT planning what I want to have happen in the new year. So I started a list, several times. Still don’t have a final one.

I remind myself. Progress not perfection. Glass half full not half empty. In the midst of abundant dreams focus on a specific few this year.

It’s a discovery process. Setting goals means finding out which ones you are willing to sacrifice for, say no to other things for and which ones you are surprisingly not. It’s quite fine to discover you didn’t really want something as badly as you thought. What’s not okay is to waste the time I / you have been given. Invest in being all that you are capable of being.

Plain Reimagined


I walked upstairs right underneath this hanging sculpture and didn’t even notice it. Heading back downstairs, the soft mid-morning winter light played the glass like bells, ringing out the dusty stems and slapping a resounding white outline on the bowl of each glass.

A kitchen cabinet, reimagined. Functional form turned into beauty by arrangement, placement and light.

What can we reimagine today?

Roses in the Snow

Seeing roses in the snow gives me hope. Hope that beautiful things can flourish in inhospitable circumstances. The snow and freezing temps did not damage these beauties. They persisted, vibrantly. So may we. When snow falls and frost fingers our story, so may we.


Happy Accident

Pencil shavings usually remain hidden inside the sharpener or the trash can. But my sharpener got clogged and rather than walk the few feet to the trashcan, I dumped the finings out onto a tray where the messy bits and pieces captured my eye. They are beautiful evidence of preparation and refinement. Perhaps some things when left behind are still a work of art.



Proper Work


“To pay attention. This is our endless and proper work.”

~Mary Oliver

Start Living It

“Our power is never about how pretty we are. Our power is about how we live our lives. Start living it.” Cheryl Strayed, interviewed by Lisa Congdon in A Glorious Freedom.

This grabbed me. So I spent the last 2 weekends investing my spare time in working on art. What does that even look like? For Saturday, October 7, 2017, it looked like this:

  1. Removed old portfolios from view on Behance. – 10 minutes
  2. Searched for and finally found the color negative of an image that Mom had asked for. I went through 8 completely full negative binders, some more than once hunting for this image. Finally found it in 1994.  – 1 hour
  3. Watched the layers basics tutorial for Photoshop on Adobe. – 20 minutes
  4. Scanned the image I found, Paul on the PCT trail – 15 minutes
  5. Ran into tonal range issues with the image so I worked on it in Photomatix 5.0 but that wasn’t enough. Found out there was a version 6 available and downloaded the free upgrade. 10 minutes
  6. Edited the image on PCT in Photomatix and combined 2 versions in Photoshop. – 10 minutes
  7. Ordered 10 prints of the final version printed on Moab Bright from Giclee Today. Not sure that was the right decision. Maybe should have ordered one to test. But the shipping is killer. $7 minimum!  – 40 minutes
  8. Added the image to those available for sale on Red Bubble – 5 minutes
  9. Revised file from sRGB to Adobe RGB color profile in the final file and asked Giclee Today if it was possible to replace. 5 minutes
  10. Wrote this blog entry. Including thinking time in the car, maybe 30 minutes.

On the whole, a good investment of about 3 hours and 30 minutes of time on a Saturday.

940024-1 Paul on PCT010_Merged LoRes ADOBE RGB for web