How to Get Dressed and Other Fun Reads

How to Get Dressed by costume designer Alison Freer had me going through the clothes that remained from my Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up inspired closet cleaning to see what new combinations I could find and what needed to be fixed. Despite that effort I ended up on a business trip with a dress and a skirt with the stitches pulled from the zipper. But this book gave me the wisdom to double check while in the road. I can only imagine an averted wardrobe malfunction!

Running Your First Ultra was both more and less helpful than I imagined. Less in that no matter how you slice it it’s a lot of work with no shortcuts and who in their right mind would do that anyway. More in that there is a way to make it possible if you want it enough. And I have decided I do. If my body is willing. Look for more updates on how that’s going here as I am absolutely no good at following training plans.

Stay tuned for 2 more books in February! I’m excited to be photographing the books myself  and will be looking for ways to make the image interesting and indicative of what’s inside!


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