20 Years of Photo Storage

Sketchnote of 20 Years of Photo Storage (captured with an iPhone, edited in Perfectly Clear and Front View, by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson ©2013


  1. WOW! Good luck with that!
    Each one of those will have it’s own challenges.
    LR has plug ins for the online resources in my workflow (Smugmug for my archival, Shutterfly for my wife ordering home pictures) and I imagine dropbox, google drive, flicker, etc… are supported. They are usually made for export but depending on the needs of the developer you may be in luck.
    I look forward to hearing how it goes!


    • Thanks! I’ve already made good use of the advice you’ve given me and can’t wait to write my next blog post on how it has gone. I now have my photos all in one place!!! Long day, but so excited! I would not have gotten this far this fast without the pointers you provided recently. I figured getting everything in one place first organized by year and month, just like you suggested, would make going into Lightroom that much easier. I tried the cloud but as you pointed out, that is too slow for giga-jobs:) More soon! Thank you again!!!!


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